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'Companion' press #2: aren't you proud to be a “niche market indeed”?

"Basically, this album takes a very pretty foundation and runs its fingernails down the blackboard here and there, or spins you round on a roundabout too fast and then asks you to walk down a flight of stairs."

Song, by Toad

"Maybe it’s the low-key and warming and intimate recording, maybe it’s the pair’s sometimes soothing, sometimes defiant, sometimes fluttery vocal harmonies, or maybe still it’s the understated yet striking delivery …

Whatever it is, this duo does it quite well.”

-Wave Maker Magazine

…AND A DRUM ROLL FOR OUR FAVORITE, in that it engenders lotsa FB hype:

"…And that may be the biggest criticism of Companion, and a criticism of the antifolk movement in general, which is that they try too hard to achieve dissonance, to tweak their voices, to grate or irritate. These women have lots of talent that in another setting would shine, maybe away from the folk world and trying more Norah Jones type stuff, or even Alanis Morrissette- Companion is for the niche market indeed.” 

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recent press for Companion !

"With one part Nina Simone and one part Brooklyn counter-culture, Rayvon Browne’s newest EP Companion strikes the perfect balance between post-postmodern and traditional pop music … the tag team song writing and performance that these two command has stopped me in my tracks this week." -Those Who Dig

"Rayvon Browne is neither a rapper nor a rockabilly guy. Rayvon Browne is actually the rather charming, torchy, lo-fi duo of singers Cal Folger Day and Morgan Heringer … these unpredictable songs draw you in and then disarm you with their quirky charm." -Lucid Culture

"Cal and Morgan trade off vocally almost song by song, creating a dynamic listen that never gets old, and never bores the listener." -The Examiner

A “psychadelic mix of jazz and folk …” -JP’s Music Blog

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RAYVON BROWNE :: Bluebirdman of Happiness Homecoming Dance →

Saturday, August 11th

A Gathering of the Tribes (285 E. 3rd St., 2nd Floor, NYC 10009)

7pm-midnight, $5


Isaac Katalay & The Lifelong Dream Project

Solid Goold

St Lenox

Rayvon Browne

Part of the annual NYC Charlie Parker Festival

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They understand the pun in the title of the café ‘Inspire’ in Coventry when they discover it’s indeed situated in the ruins of an old Cathedral spire;

They throw down at The Troubadour in London;

They visit the OG Catweazle in Oxford, a rig sailed by Matt Sage;

Their appearance becomes the new icon of said event!;

They bid farewell to friends & erstwhile neighbo(u)rs & each other

(for a time; they’ll be back).

— 2 years ago

They play two baller shows in Glasgow;

They sell merchandise & make more of it;

They keep on keepin’ on.

— 2 years ago

They embark on a short nighttime bus journey from Edinburgh to St Andrews for accommodation;

Their bus crashes into a streetlight and catches on fire in an empty Sainsbury’s parking lot in Anstruther about 1am;

A cop escorts them the rest of the way to St Andrews;

"What’s the name of your band? This would’ve been a better story if I’d heard of you".

— 2 years ago

The members of Rayvon Browne depart America (in private, separate cabins);

They wheel their tools & loot from London to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, which climate gloriously requires shades;

They play the first gig of the tour, an opening slot for Johnny Dowd & His Band at The Cluny II, thanks to Graham at Jumpin’ Hot Gigs. Johnny gives a guy in the 4th row a heart-attack with only his first number — which just goes to show you, you might not always know when it’s a killer set, and likewise you never know when you might keel over. (We gather the guy is alive & apologizing as he leaves in the ambulance or else I’d not be so cavalier.)

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what stays on tour happens on tour

its been a summer (well, springtime, summer now)
of near-disasters and miraculous arrivals
especially in scotland (and also one for me in italy)[\
like when we woke up in st andrews and swam in the sea  

and also those trad musicians we met in glasgow
when we ate those chips with cheese and vinegar

RAYVON BROWNE will soon announce their NYC homecoming
we’re thinking august 11th at A GATHERING OF THE TRIBES

and inform the world of fall dates/ecstatic return
to the UK and GERMANY in january 2013

id say itll be like old times but we’ll already be making new ones

— 2 years ago

'HYPERBOREA' (M.H.), at The Troubadour in London, Wednesday 30 May. Filming by Andrew Rayner.

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Morgan Heringer is a “ukulele virtuoso” (The New York Times) and Cal Folger Day has “vocal control & onstage presence [that] command attention” (The New Yorker). Together they present a diverse set of original tunes & compositions, plus some remix’d classix, featuring vocal harmonies & swapping around on keyboard, uke, guitar, Casio, upright bass, mandolin, melodica, & more.

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